Thursday, December 20, 2007

Vermont Legislative Commission Ponders Gay Marriage

On July 1, 2000, Vermont became the second state after California to create legal recognition of some sort for same-sex couples. These legal relationships--called "civil unions" in Vermont--offer many but not all benefits of legal "marriage" to same-sex couples.

Earlier this year (2007), the speaker of the Vermont House of Representatives and the president pro tem of the Vermont Senate created the Vermont Commission on Family Recognition to review and evaluate "Vermont’s laws relating to the recognition and protection of same-sex couples and the families they form." The Commission has been criscrossing the narrow state, holding townhall style community meetings to assess Vermonters feelings about civil unions and the idea of "gay marriage."

So far the Commission has held 6 of these community meetings (3 more to go). The response has been interesting: virtually all participants in the meetings are supporters of gay marriage. If there are opponents of gay marriage in Vermont, not many have decided to come to the meetings.

Check out this audio article from Vermont Public Radio, in which Commission Chairman Tom Little is interviewed.

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