Friday, December 14, 2007

Evan and Addison

Meet Evan Hoyt and Addison Smith. I have a lot in common with these guys. Both are in their late twenties, both grew up in Texas, both attended Southern Baptist churches in their youth. Oh yeah, and they are both gay.

That's where the similarities end--for now. Why? Well, Evan and Addison just officially became domestic partners in New York. In a recent Queerty article, they talk about their lives growing up, coming to terms with their sexuality and their faith, their first relationships, and how they eventually met and decided the other was "the one."

Yeah, I'm a sucker for sweet relationship stories. :-)

BTW, in case you're wondering, Evan's mug (seen in the photo above) is emblazened with the phrase "Faggots to Burn." Fred Phelps would approve ;-)


Pomoprophet said...

ah. that is a semi-cute story. Makes me want to have a BF :)

Darren said...

joey, i'm so glad you're posting again! please don't get super busy ever again in life . . . my blog roll just ain't quite as titillating when you're not around :)

thanx for the ultra cute story :)

TweetyJill said...

Cute. I think they look just like you and "C." Down to the stuble, no stuble look.

Have I mentioned recently that you are a hopeless romantic? OK, now I have.