Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Cost

A dear friend of mine has posted an emotionally-charged and thought-provoking entry to his blog. I met "Pomoprophet" during my five years in "ex-gay" reorientation therapy--at the time both of us were convinced that gay relationships were immoral and were trying our best to become heterosexuals.

Time, experience, and thought has brought me to a different perspective. Pomo is unsure at the moment, but he is seriously rethinking his moral convictions. He has written a blog entry about the "costs" he would incur if he does come out as gay and begin seeking a life partner. He is acutely aware of the relationships he would lose among his evangelical Christian friends and family.

I encourage you to read his blog entry and the comments that follow. Quite a few gay Christians have weighed in with their thoughts and lessons learned when they came out. Tough stuff. Good stuff.


Pomoprophet said...

At first I was like... who's sexy eyes are those???

Then I was like... what are my eyes doing on this blog???

Then I pretty much just smiled because you're such a good friend. I'm so glad we met each other through this journey even though its been painful. But isnt that like the fire strengthening the metal? And some would have the audacity to say we shouldn't hang out because we happen to be the same sexual orientation.

I'm sure i'll have more thoughts on the cost. Its easy when i'm away from school and friends. Its like when I go on our roadtrips, everything is ok and I feel like I can take on the world. But just tonight I was watching a football video and thinking how much I love my students and the life i've built.

Whats a man to do???

I am amazed at how many comments already! Maybe because you linked to me. Love you man.

NG said...

Though I'll have to look for it, some months ago, pomoprophetleft a comment on my blog criticizing me over something I wrote with regards to one of his ex-gay friends.

Now I'm reading he's having second thoughts but looking for excuses not to. Ahh, the irony of it all.

that someone is willing to be emotionally unhappy and make certain sacrifices for individuals who prefer someone to live a life in denial and shame...what costs indeed...

getmeoutofthisplace said...

I joined that online group when I was a freshman in college. I still read it time to time.

Pomoprophet said...

ewww... do you know that NG guy? he's ugly (and not in the physical sense).