Friday, November 9, 2007

Dobson "hearts" Huckabee

Okay, I'll confess I'm not witty enough to have contrived that title myself ;-)

Apparently Focus on the Family's James Dobson is preparing to announce his endorsement of Mike Huckabee for Republican presidential nominee. From the American Spectator:

Sources close to Dobson say that within the next ten days he is coordinating an endorsement plan with the presidential campaign of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee. According to a Huckabee insider in Iowa, the event would be staged in that state at a rally, followed by a bus tour across the state, and an appearance by Huckabee on Dobson's radio show, which is heard nationally.

Dobson's endorsement, according to the Huckabee source, could mean millions in fundraising to the campaign, allowing it to compete at the same level with the top tier candidates Huckabee has been inching toward in the polls after a series of strong debate and campaign appearances.

Tim Minnery, Senior Vice President for Focus on the Family, Dobson's organization, denied on Friday (November 9, 2007) afternoon that Dobson intended to endorse Huckabee in the coming days. Minnery's denial was submitted to the Spectator after Dobson received calls from other social conservative leaders inquiring about the leaked endorsement plans from the Huckabee campaign and Dobson associates. "Dr. Dobson isn't close to an endorsement of anyone in the 2008 race," Minnery wrote in an email to the editor denying there was an endorsement planned.

Contacted again by The American Spectator, those who initially spoke on background about the Dobson endorsement insisted that as of last night, plans were being put in place by the Huckabee campaign for an announcement and endorsement tour, and stood by their account.

Hat tips: Right Wing Watch, Bible Belt Blogger


ThinkAware said...

Huckabee issued the following statement about the flap: “There is no imminent campaign announcement about his support -- and my campaign has not said there is, despite wild Internet rumors and some press accounts to the contrary. I have also spoken personally to him about the matter.”

TweetyJill said...

Sometimes, I think endorsing a candidate is part of some wierd attempt to discredit him. I mean, any little liking I have for Huckabee is lost by a Dobson endorsement.

For example, maybe Pat Roberson has realized that there is no way he can stop Giuliani from getting elected (if he gets on the ballot). By endorsing him, he knows that he may loose the poeple who may be willing to support a more liberal republican, who is made to seem more conservative by a Robertson backing. Then there is already the Dobson camp that is very anti-Giuliani. Finally, there are the centerists who may be leaning towards Giuliani but will certainly go the other way with such support.

So maybe, the best wat to make sure a candidate doesn't get elected is to endorse him (if you are a super conservative old guy with crazy ideas).

Joe Moderate said...

Thanks, ThinkAware, for pointing that out. Christian Post is also reporting that Dobson's top aides have denied he plans to endorse Huckabee.

TweetyJill, I confess I never thought of things from that perspective. I'd be surprised if that was the true motivation for Pat Robertson's endorsement of Giuliani. But it's kinda funny to think about!

I agree with your sentiment, though: a Dobson endorsement of Huckabee would destroy the little interest I have for the former Arkansas governor.