Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Awesome Pumpkin Carvings!

These carved pumpkins are just really really cool :-) From a barfing pumpkin, to a death star pumpkin, to a firefox pumpkin, these jack 'o lanterns are far cooler than anything I ever created! Enjoy :-)

Hat tip: Strange Maps Blog


Anonymous said...

i love that pumpkin

brandio_o said...

Sup I just created a blog on blogspot and was searching for awesome pumpkin pics for my awesome stuff blog and was wondering if it would be a problem if i used the pic in my blog.
Post a comment on my blog letting me know if it's a problem or not.
Not looking to copy you dude.

wang femg said...

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Meow Opre said...

This Halloween activity is very interesting. We don't do it here in our place, maybe because we find it unethical to carve pumpkins as if we're making fun of a vegetable. But seriously, I am amazed with how talented those who could carve. Thanks for these pumpkin carving ideas . I would love to list them on my collection please. Cheers and good day always!