Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Phelan Strikes Back

I posted earlier about an ex-gay brouhaha going on over at Jim Phelan's blog. Jim, an reparative therapist who claims he has "obtained heterosexuality", received some scolding from the president and vice-president of Exodus after he posted a rather snarky and self-congratulatory blog entry a few days ago.

Well, Jim has posted a new blog entry, but there is still no sign of self-examination, contrition, or apology. Jim complains:
Exodus International, whom I have been a supportive member of for many years, has abandoned and alienated me over this whole issue.
Unwilling to accept any responsibility, Jim blames all on the watchdog blog Ex-Gay Watch.

Yeesh! So much drama; so little acceptance of personal responsibility. Weird.

As I mentioned earlier, it would be interesting to know what (if any) interaction Jim has with Exodus president Alan Chambers at this coming weekend's NARTH conference.

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