Friday, October 19, 2007

Evangelicals on Immigration

So here's something I've never quite understood, even back in my days as an evangelical: why are Christian conservatives such strong opponents of immigration--particularly of Mexican immigration? It seems we have a pretty good thing going for us here in the United States; wouldn't allowing others to partake in our relative success be the compassionate, altruistic, Godly thing to do? Yet Christian conservatives often seem to be selfish about the American lifestyle and seem to feel that we who are born in the U.S. have an exclusive "right" to this lifestyle.

Today I read on a conservative evangelical news site an article that portrays Illinois' sanctuary movement in a decidedly negative light. Ironically, this comes on a day when my own church here in Illinois is hosting a sanctuary education event.

The Onion pokes some well-deserved fun at the anti-immigration sentiments of some conservatives. See their proposal for building a moat along the border.
"It's a well-known fact that Mexicans are not buoyant. They sink like rocks."

"That's right."

"They're only able to cross where it's very shallow water."

"I think we're thinking inside the box if we're thinking a moat is just water. It could be raw sewage, it could be oil, it could be lava..."

"We should also put money back into diseased cows that we can throw back into Mexico."
Hee Hee :-)

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