Sunday, October 14, 2007

Dobson sounding desperate

Dr. James Dobson, founder of the conservative religious organization Focus on the Family sounded desperate in his October 10th radio broadcast.
“It’s not just marriage that is at stake, it’s absolutely everything” Dr. James Dobson (emphasis his).
Dr. Dobson and several leaders of conservative organizations sounded deeply troubled that their efforts to pass a Federal amendment banning gay marriage have been in vain. They concluded that Christians have become disillusioned in their fight against an insidious movement of gay people bent on destroying the nuclear family and eventually all of Western civilization. They urged renewed efforts.

Listening to this broadcast elicited two responses from me:
  1. Wow. Dr. Dobson and his compatriots profoundly misunderstand what motivates people like me who support gay marriage. From their perspective, we are trying to "destroy" a wonderful institution granted to religious heterosexuals have. From my perspective, nothing could be further from the truth. I desire to be married to the man I love; why, then, would I want the institution destroyed or in any way diminished?
  2. Relief. I consider Dr. Dobson and his organization to be the biggest source of misinformation about gay people in the United States today. For decades his organization has been among the powerhouses of the Religious Right that has championed laws, politicians, and twisted science that have marginalized gay folks. It is so encouraging for me to hear them on the defensive, acknowledging that their perspective is shared by fewer and fewer American. The fight for equality is not over, but the tide of the battle has finally turned. By their estimation, the "battle" will be determined within the next two years.
I am deeply indebted to the many Americans who have struggled to see this day happen.

Hat tip: ex-gay watch

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tv said...

gays are ruining our country. It is so clear what is right and what is wrong! There will come a day they wish they have not CHOSEN this path!