Monday, October 15, 2007

Dallas Morning News

So the big newspaper back home, The Dallas Morning News, ran a 15-page "advertising supplement" on gay issues. Created by the Human Rights Campaign, a pro-gay political organization, the insert contains articles on the Gene Robinson, the openly gay Episocopal bishop, the nature vs. nuture debate, reconciling spirituality and sexuality, and pro-gay advertisements from large corporations like Raytheon, Citigroup, and Dallas-headquartered American Airlines.

I was interested to see that the article on ex-gay ministries made reference to the recently released Jones and Yarhouse study (strangely released in book form from an Evangelical Christian publishing house instead of in peer-reviewed academic literature). That study's results, which have been spun so "positively" by Exodus, were spun the other way in this article. Amazing how a few words can change the tone of statistics, eh?

Hat tip: Bible Belt Blogger

By the way, check out Jim Burroway's thoughtful critique of the Jones and Yarhouse study over at Box Turtle Bulletin.

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