Sunday, October 28, 2007

AFA throws bathroom sink at assumed-to-be-gay (but really straight) teacher

Last week, the American Family Association posted an article about Mick Rabin, a San Diego public school teacher who teaches his third grade students that gay relationships are acceptable and a "pro-family activist" who is "outraged" over Rabin's "indoctrination techniques." The article set off a firestorm of comments from the AFA's conservative religious readership. There's nothing unexpected about this.

Here's the interesting part: Rabin is actually straight, married, and a father of two--facts that never appeared in the article. In fact, Rabin's personal sexual orientation, marital status, and family situation are never mentioned. But the readership of AFA overwhelmingly concluded Rabin must be gay.

What follows are excerpts from the readers' comments revealing some outrageous, inaccurate, but sadly prevalent assumptions religious conservatives make of gay people.
I'd bet he's molested children after "indoctrinating" them. Seems to be the reason for the indoctrination. What else could it be?
this teacher should never even be allowed around children much less teaching the homo sickness is OK.
The parents who know about Mr. Rabin and willing leave their child in his class are no better than this pedophile teacher.
This teacher ought to be fired, NOW! What a horrible thing for him to do, preying on these innocent children.
This is child abuse, plain and simple. This teacher should be in jail.
Reading comments like those above makes me depressed. Religious conservatives believe so many inaccurate things about gay people. Sometimes I lose hope that there's hope for reconciliation between gays and the conservative church.

We've all heard this sentiment before from the Religious Right:
Homosexuality is all about sex - that's it! It's not about lifestyle, it's not about heredity..., it's not even about love - it's about having sex
The following post left me dumbfounded.
we must warn the gays about the dangers of having same sex attraction. I learned from Conservapedia that sexually transmitted diseases don't occur in heterosexual relationships, only in homosexual relationships. If this is not enough to convince gays to be straight, I don't know what would do it. We need to teach the gays to pray. Its the fault of parents not teaching their children to pray. If they learn to pray, they can not be gay.
Granted, I do think Conservapedia is laughable, but surely they couldn't possible claim that STDs do not occur in hetero relationships... right? right? Please tell me I'm right!

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Darren said...

you can't be serious. no, really. you CAN'T be serious! NO ONE could be THAT uneducated in America to believe (even if it IS written somewhere!) that hetero's don't have STD's!!!