Wednesday, October 31, 2007

19 married men, 1 not-so-celibate priest netted in NY rest area sex sting

20 men, including a local Catholic priest, have been charged following a sex sting at an interstate 684 rest area just outside Manhattan. It is miserable to learn that aside from the priest, all these men are married.

I know the decision each of these men made to participate in public sexual activity was unique and fueled by individual circumstances. It would be far too simple to claim all of these men are really gay and were "pressured" into heterosexual relationships by a homophobic society, etc. etc. etc. Even if this were the case for all these men, they are still personally responsible for their illegal (and family-jeopardizing) decisions.

But it is intriguing that they are all married. Perhaps there is a nugget of truth in the joke of gay actor/comedian Jason Stuart:
C'mon, straight people! If you let us marry each other we’ll stop marrying you.
I do wonder how much heartache could have been avoided if these gay men had come to a sense of peace about their orientation and had pursued and settled down with someone of the same sex--rather than entering straight marriages that could never satisfy their emotional and sexual desires. Now there are nineteen wives and who knows how many children sorting through the aftermath of these guys' bad choices. These men are responsible for their decisions, but I suspect there were some strong societal factors that influenced these bad choices.

For the sake of all families, may we soon see the end of those societal factors.

Hat tip: Box Turtle Bulletin


Darren said...

wow. ALL married?!!

well, i guess that makes sense though, doesnt it? i mean, those who have come to terms w/ their attractions have no such need for rest-stop sex. they just go get what they want! oh, and by the way, betch . . . [censored]

Joe Moderate said...

I know, right? Well, some of the people who acknowledge their gay-ness have no such need for rest-stop sex. But I do know that the long process of coming to terms leaves some folks with some difficult-to-break sex habits...

you and I know a guy from our ex-gay program who had issues with rest-stop sex. I wonder if he still does that type stuff now that he's out and open?

"um, this style are in small... I don't think you're gonna fit... I mean, you're feet are... kinda big..."